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Welcome to the Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program

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With several years of success behind us, the Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) continues to flourish in new communities across the province each year, as dedicated volunteers work to address community safety-related issues.

The main goal of the Citizens on Patrol Program is to be on the look-out for any suspicious or criminal activity, to record this activity and, where appropriate, to report such activities to the police. COPP members act as additional “eyes and ears” for their community and the police, which assists in reducing crime.

Neighbours, family and friends in dozens of Manitoba communities appreciate the willingness of COPP volunteers to actively prevent crime and improve safety in their neighbourhoods.


To mobilize citizens to work with law enforcement and partners to prevent crime and create a safer environment for all.

Program Goals

Deterrence: to provide a presence in the community through patrolling by vehicle, by foot, by bicycle or other means, as required.

Education: to educate Manitobans about crime prevention.

Awareness: to increase Manitobans’ awareness on crime-related issues such as theft, auto theft and speeding.

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