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The Citizens on Patrol Program (COPP) began in Manitoba in 1991. The program was initially guided by local law enforcement, as it fell under their auspices along with Manitoba Justice. From there, partnerships were formed with communities with a goal of making their communities safer. In 1992, Manitoba Justice initiated a granting option for COPP groups. They could apply for one-time grants to cover the cost of basic equipment such as portable radios, cell phones, flashlights; and clothing such as vests or jackets.

In March 2001, Manitoba Public Insurance partnered with Manitoba Justice to improve support and networking opportunities for the groups. The goal of this partnership was to provide support, assist with coordination and improve the sharing of knowledge and techniques used by COPP groups in communities across the province. This led to the creation of the Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program.

On December 8, 2001, the first COPP Conference was held, bringing together the existing COPP groups, obtaining feedback on their programs and formally announcing Manitoba Public Insurance’s role with COPP. Annual conferences have continued since then.

The Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program established a Provincial COPP Advisory Committee to help guide and support the program. Their first meeting was held in February 2002.

Today, there are 48 groups registered with the Manitoba Citizens on Patrol Program.

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